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Misheard dictation generator
Saturday, Dec. 28, 2019   6:59 AM

Already saw this time I'm going to try toggling between wireless keyboard and speech to text.

I'm going to try not to alter this as much and just let it ride and see how crazy insane has gas I'm used to be sings not understanding me...

Yep second paragraph is full of nonsense...

My home is much cleaner lately but that doesn't seem to matter because it's never clean enough for anyone else..?

I'm also trying to listen to music by headphone so we'll see how much attention span I really have between typing too nobody talking to myself and listening to music that's about as old as me or older period.?

I'm finding no where is a particularly comfortable place to put the headphones and I've got a resting and really weird spots on my head.. the current spot it sounds kind of like I'm hearing it from somebody's car or something outside but where it really is is hooked behind my ears but resting on the top of my head at the bar. Meaning the big cups are sitting basically just behind my ears rather than on them.

I seem to be calling a lot of Spotify list just looking for fresh stuff to feed to my favourites and make it a more interesting playlist. I'm really sick and tired of listening to the same s*** day in and day out...~!!!

Apparently, I really need to switch to typing.. the speaking to a dictation generator was beginning to lose its appeal after 4 ish hours of correcting what it mishears.



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